Friday, May 12, 2006

San Jose

Photograph: San Jose California street scene.Photograph: San Jose California sowntown scene.

I was in San Jose, California for the past week. The weather was spectacular - cool and breezy with lots of sunshine. San Jose seems like a town in decline, or a place just beyond its peak. There where many empty store fronts, and the restaurants were simply unremarkable. At all of the establishments I visited, there were problems with service, and the food was adequate, but not much more. I tried to stick with upper-mid range places, and avoid the really high-end and expensive venues, but overall, I left feeling just a bit disappointed.

Photograph: San Jose California street scene.


Blogger Monica Ricci said...

Walt, I saw you on the Worthwhile blog and I checked out yours. WOW your photographs are fabulous! I gotta say, I'm not one that is easily impressed either. :) Great work, man!

2:33 PM  

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