Thursday, September 04, 2008

Northern Wyoming

Photograph: Ryan describing how the sweat lodge is used near Ethete, Wyoming.

I visited Dubois, Wyoming a few years ago, but it has taken this long to figure out what to write about this experience. There is a real dichotomy about this place that is difficult to capture in words. This is where photography can take the place of words and present those differences in a way that speaks beyond words to unveil the more subtle nuances of the situation. The photo above is a traditional sweat lodge in Ethete, Wyoming.

Photograph: Mike, a teacher of the Aprapaho language, demonstrates his teaching technique near Ethete, Wyoming.

There is an active arts and educational community in the lands of the northern Arapaho near Fort Washakie and Ethete. There is also special effort to develop new ways of teaching the Arapaho language. The photo above was taken in Arapahoe, Wyoming.

Photograph: Roundup time at John Finley's ranch near Dubois, Wyoming.

This is the land of ranchers, but even here, the arts are an important part of daily life.

Photograph: A scene on Jphn Finley's ranch near Dubois, Wyoming.

Photograph: John headed out early to tend to his ranch near Dubois, Wyoming.