Sunday, February 28, 2010


Photograph: Pumpkins decaying in a field.

Things have been pretty quiet at The Traveling Photographer lately. Thanks to the current state of the economy, there's just not much travel going on. The thought of trying to get a large amount of professional camera gear through European customs after recent events is also rather discouraging. Here at The Traveling Photographer, we have quite a different take on the term "pants on fire".

We've decided to use this time to give some thought on the direction of this work and the best way to distribute and encourage the use of these photographs. Here's a few things that we're doing:

  • is gone. Thanks to everyone for pointing out the broken link. The new site is, where we will have a merchant site soon for purchasing big prints of these photographs (those of you who have visited the world headquarters of The Traveling Photographer at the Matoobis chalet know what we're talking about).

  • All of the photography that was on the HubisPhoto site is now available for anyone to use at Flickr. All of that photography - and much more - is available for commercial or personal use for free. We've tried to use the least restrictive licensing method possible, and pictures are beginning to show up in some very interesting places.

  • There will be a few new Squidoo lenses for Markgr√§flerland Dreams (Badenweiler and the joys of the Black Forest) and another having to do with German schnapps. We're working on these now (especially the schnapps research).

  • Planning some photo trips - this year we plan to be in San Francisco, Texas, Italy, and Germany. We're also looking at good opportunities locally.

We're taking some time to take a new approach to this work and make it more meaningful and useful for our readers. Stay tuned....



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